Why July 4th is Extra Special To Me

On July 4, 1979, I hosted a “disco party” (hard to look at me now and think I had the nickname “Disco Pete” back then) at Barrymore’s, located on Broadway, near the Yonkers/Bronx line.

That night, I had brought a girl named Debbie (who could’ve been cast in the movie “Saturday Night Fever”), had a “one-sided” crush at the time on a barmaid working that evening named Helga, met a girl there that night named Jean (who I dated for a few weeks afterwards), and dance with just about every girl there except one (who would become the love of my life and my wife, Mary Troy from County Offaly, Ireland).

The movie “Brooklyn” has so much in common with my life and Mary’s (which truly began to take shape that night). It’s why this scene from the movie (and the whole freaking movie itself) stirs my again heart and rekindles such deep love and affection I have for the most beautiful Irish Lass ever to come from Offaly (thanks to that night, 38 years ago).

Nothing ever produced by human hands, will always make my heart flutter, and fill me with such a burst of love and emotion, no matter how many times I watch it (because it reminds me of how truly blessed I am to be your husband), than this scene.

So yes indeed, Happy 4th of July to all; and especially to my Irish Lass, who still sends off fireworks in my eyes 38 years later.