Why One R Versus Three R’s Shall Cause Most Investors Financial Plans to Fail.

Posted by on February 9, 2015 - 10:00 am

The vast majority of investors will fail to achieve their goals because traditional financial planning focuses only on one R versus three.

Just “Rate of Return” is what virtually all financial plans are built around. It doesn’t matter how sophisticated the plan may seem and/or how much money is involved.

The failure comes from the advisor’s inability to properly take into account two other as critical factors:

  • The “Rate” of Savings
  • The “Rate” of Distribution (how one gets to live out their lifestyle in the best possible manner and fully protect their legacy).

This article notes how savings in general needs to increase for most. We of course, take what’s noted in the article and add our expertise on cash flow and making one more efficient with what they have. We do so while actually lowering risk.

Please Note – I’m writing a “White Paper” on this to coattail my book. Please God it’s done before Easter.

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