Why Retirement is a Myth

Posted by on February 22, 2016 - 7:41 am


Trust me when I tell you that being brutality honest on the financial services industry and the products they sell may be good for my conscience, it’s not very good for my income. Many potential clients go elsewhere rather than face the reality we demonstrate to them. And no area of concern impacts them more than what I originally penned in 2011, calling retirement, a man-made myth (Please read Chapter 13 of my book)

That’s why I took comfort when I not only saw the title of this article, but what it went on to state. In it, they state what I and my associates have for years – “…the financial products that have been set up to protect us — like 401(k)s and related retirement plans — cannot accomplish what they are touted to provide. 401(k)s, for example, were simply not designed to be our main retirement fund…”

When we make this 401k reality known to potential clients and also that most money managers can’t even beat low-cost index funds, these cold hard facts are too much for some to accept. They simply find one of the hundreds of thousands of financial advisers who preach what Wall Street has spent tens of billions of dollars on and trained millions of so-called financial advisers to do – sell products that end up benefiting them more on average then their clientele.

As always, we stand ready to demonstrate why our alternative to traditional financial planning is the only realistic way one can end up with a successful financial plan that took less risk and led to a better lifestyle.

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