You Ever Have One of Those Days?

Posted by on September 1, 2015 - 10:17 pm

No, it has nothing to do with the financial markets.

I went to confession late morning while my wife was taking my soon to be (Thursday) 94-year old Mom to get her pacemaker checked.

From the moment I began to speak and listen with one of the two greatest priests I ever been blessed to know, I felt an incredible peace and feeling of love come over me. I made it a point to share this with my priest. When he began to pray in tongues, I literally felt my body go limp and the only way I can describe it at the moment was, to feel that all my failed human nature left my body. I literally said to myself is this crazy or what; followed by me sharing my feelings with my priest. I took note of the exact time.

Unbeknowst to me at that very point in time, my mother would suddenly pass out, turn blue and have to be rushed to the emergency room in another part of the hospital with a pulse that fell to 23. Once in the emergency room, she awoke and literally started to pray and try to say the “Our Father”.

To fully appreciate this, you need to know my mother was a non-practicing Jew. About 15 years ago, a wonderful Protestant lady began to visit my mom and would then spend at least one day a week reading the Bible to her. My Mom never asked to become Christian during that time and would say she listened just for the company.

Now in a nursing home, my Mom this past Spring began to attend the Mass service in the Home. She would then ask how she could become Catholic. She eventually had her first confession and then confirmation. She has attended Mass every week since and questions me when I see her about Christian matters.

Until her conversion, I worried about her eternal life. At best, my mom was Agnostic.

Call me crazy (more than a few have over the years and worse), but I believe God and his Angels came to my Mom and me simultaneously today.


Here’s my Mom in the emergency room then the recovery room. She has been taken up to a room and if all goes well, shall be released on her 94th birthday.

If what I felt today is just a moment of what Heaven is like, may I not be a complete idiot (been a partial at times no matter what the wife says about the partial) and blow the greatest gift of all – eternal life in Heaven.

God Bless you Mom and all the humans and angels that worked on her salvation.


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