Zinc – Yeah Baby!

As promised, I’m spending more time wearing my old metals and mining hat here.

Every once and awhile, even a blind squirrel like me can find an acorn and I believe it’s called Zinc.

While supplies of zinc steadily decline, zinc prices have recently corrected after a parabolic-like rise from its lows in early 2016. Believing the U.S. Dollar bull market is coming to an end, and forecasts for a continuing decline in overall zinc supply, the recent correction was healthy. It would come as no surprise that we see $1.50+ in next 12 months (and sooner rather than later).

I asked one of the foremost experts in the world what we thought of higher zinc prices, and this was his answer.

Obviously, one of my two equity holdings has major exposure to Zinc. An interesting commentary on Zinc and Nevsun Resources  by someone I not heard of before seeing his videos here

Have a most blessed day!